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Fifty Factory Tours that Make America Great 2021-07-05
Author: John HitchLaura Davis
From: New Equipment News Magazine
New Equipment Magazine picked one factory (or industrial site) from each state you can visit that truly represents what has always made America great: hard work and ingenuity.
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How to Avoid Heat Treatment Problems When Launching New Gear Programs 2012-11-09
Author: C. Zimmerman, P. Connor & C. Bassetti
From: Thermal Processing for Gear Solution
Heat treatment, such as carburizing, hardening and tempering, or nitriding, is a critical operation required to manufacture gears. It makes them wear-resistant, develops excellent mechanical properties, and increases fatigue life. Heat treatment is also the source of many potential problems and pitfalls. It can produce unpredictable amounts of distortion.
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Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling 2012-10-25
Author: Staff of STRATASYS
Connect with experienced professionals at Stratasys who know all there is to know about Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and additive manufacturing—after all, we invented the technology. From Fortus 3D Production Systems on your factory floor to Dimension 3D Printers on your desktop, you'll find the right additive manufacturing solution for your business.
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What Camera Fits My Traffic Application? 2012-10-14
Author: Nina Maass
From: Baller Web-site
Designers of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) face multiple requirements. Sometimes those can be fully met by industrial cameras; in other cases, network camera technology is the better choice. See the following sections for an insight into what functionalities are useful for what ITS applications, and what features each of the two camera technologies offers.
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Measurement System Analysis (MSA) 2012-08-15
Author: Fred Eberle
From: Gear Solution Magazine
The analysis of a measurement system is determined by the statistical properties of reproducable measurements in a stable environment. In order to be valid, the measurement system must be in statistical, product and process control. This means that variation is random (common cause), and that measurements have appropriate resolution relative to the specified part tolerance.
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Outsourcing, Oh What Demagoguery! 2012-07-12
Author: Peter Morici, professor, University of Maryland
From: Industry Week
The problem is not outsourcing but rather it is inappropriate outsourcing—purchasing abroad products that could be made as or more cost-effectively at home.
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Desktop Additive Manufacturing 2012-05-14
Author: Editor
From: Modern Machine Shop
The number of manufacturers producing end-use parts through additive manufacturing is relatively small, but the number of manufacturers seriously considering doing this is large. What will it take for some of these companies to add this direct digital production to their capabilities?
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Why Your Business Still Needs Newsletters 2012-05-07
Author: Angela West
From: PCWorld
Marketing gurus pushed email newsletters hard back in the days before social networking. If you believe everything you read online these days, you'd think that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other Web 2.0 services have left such vehicles in the virtual dust. Not so. Nor has the scourge of spam destroyed newsletters' effectiveness. Email marketing still achieves huge results--and pairing an effective email newsletter with a social media campaign can snag many more customers for your business than relying on social media alone.
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How to Design Your Part for Direct Digital Manufacturing 2012-03-28
Author: Jim Comb, Stratasys, Inc
Traditional manufacturing methods, like machining and injection molding have many rules, restrictions, and limitations. These rules don’t apply when using direct digital manufacturing. Designers are free to concentrate on the best design and not concern themselves with manufacturability.
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QNX Plugs Vehicles into Cloud Computing 2010-11-30
Author: Christoph Hammerschmidt
From: EETimes
The car of the future will not be just connected – it will be integral part of cloud computing models which provide extensive computing and data services for the rolling terminal. At the QNX Automotive Summit in Stuttgart, the software vendor as well as several automotive OEMs and tier ones granted
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